Michael Taylor

Posted on August 07 2018

Named by Architectural Digest as one of the “20 Greatest Designers of all Time”, Michael Taylor was synonymous with California style (light, bright and airy).  He was known for his love of the color white and for mixing furniture of different styles from different periods.

He was once quoted as saying, "there is no arbitrary law which says that an eighteenth-century French chair and a Sheridan can't be used in the same room. The only consideration is how well these or other pieces look together; do they compete with each other or do they create a felicitous sense of contrast?" While mixing periods and styles seems commonplace now, it was largely unheard of before Taylor.

Simplicity and scale were also hallmarks of Taylor’s designs.  He often said, “when in doubt, throw it out”, but to ensure a streamlined space wasn’t too sparse he would adjust the scale of the remaining pieces to fill the space.

The Far East Collection that Michael Taylor designed for Baker exemplifies his devotion to beauty and simplicity.  One of my favorites, the double buffet, was simply stunning and its brushed nickel hardware provided a contemporary take on Asian hardware.  The expansive dining table had clean and elegant lines. It was the first Asian inspired furniture to be manufactured in the US and one of the most beautiful collections ever produced.

Schedule an appointment today to stop by and see the Michael Taylor pieces we have in stock.  You won’t be disappointed. They are absolutely timeless.

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