Gio Ponte

Posted on August 07 2018

Gio Ponte is known for the famous buildings he designed, the household products he refined (flatware,
lamps, ceramics and glassware) and the furniture he designed. He was one of the most influential designers and architects of all time. He was prolific; his designs – far too many to note here….are classics. His designs are exactly like he was; joyful, subtle, sensual.

He started his storied career as an architect. He branched out into industrial design in the 20’s and 30’s working with a ceramics company based outside Florence. Most of his designs from that period are amazing works of craftsmanship.

In the second half of his life his designs turned more modernist. My favorite is a dining table he designed for Singer & amp; Sons. It has simple sensuous lines and amazing craftsmanship.

Everyone that loves modern design should own a piece by Gio Ponte. To know his work is to love him. 

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